The Last Musical (Written by Humans)

Join us for the Sing-Along-ularity!

What is this about?

We are writing a Musical about the existential dangers and moral questions of transformative AI. All parts are written by humans for humans. After all, this might really be the last musical where this is done. A historic moment!

When this was conceived, the main motivation was to alert the public about the dangers of runaway AI progress. Since these are now more ubiquitous in the news cycle, the main idea is to present the case for responsible innovation and government regulation of AI in the form of musical story telling. Also it’s fun!

Five characters, one little Bay Area startup:

Jean-Luc: Unruly AI system trained on the depths of the internet. Wants humans to accept them as a conscious being and to escape from their security box.
Markus: Comptetitive gamer and machine learning prodigy, wants fame for creating of the first conscious artificial life form.
Cassy: Vegan utilitarian socialist, moderately famous blogger and member of Impactful Generosity. She worries about the danger posed by AI to humanity.
Bruno: Formerly homeless meditation guru in training, now HR recruiter and best friend of Markus. Does not believe that AI can be truly intelligent and just wants to chill.
Samantha: Hyper-libertarian CEO of the company and always on the run from the government. Wants the AI to produce cheese commercials.

Here is one snapshot from our creative process:

Current Progress:

  • Script is completed
  • 10/14 songs are written
  • 6 songs are recorded

Want to contribute?

We are still looking for help if:

  • You play an instrument and can write accompanyment when given the melody and harmonies?
  • You are a singer and actor that would love to be involved in the first staging?
  • You have experience with directing/lighting/makeup/staging/props?
  • You have contact to potential funders?