Video Games

Some video games for the Ludum Dare competition

A Game of Roots (LD29): In “Game of Roots” you play a plant, or rather its roots on a quest for minerals and water. The roots can be send down, left and right and, additionally, they can split up. Handling all of the roots simultaneously with the same four keys, collecting water and avoiding poisonous waste is the main difficulty of the game.

Basically the roots always do what you want - except if they can’t. Then they do something else, so watch out! With four or more roots at the same time, this can happen quite often.


Philosopher Battle (LD32): This is an epic battle of the minds! Take the role as one of the most famous philosophers of history and convince your opponents of your worldview. Playable Web-Link

The game features 9 different philosophers, each with 3 general and 3 personal attacks based on their respective philosophy. Attacks can deal damage to the conviction of the opponent if they are convincing; or they reduce his sanity if they are confusing.

Sanity is used as a defense and a mean to deal damage, so try to keep sane!

Esc for menu.


Button Sniper (LD34) Esc for menu. R for reload. If the web version is too slow use the download version (requires java). There is one nasty bug: When you pause the game, all of the moving platforms get completely out of sync. Just reset the level then. Playable Web-Link

Years have passed since Jimmy Two-Button was last called to his job. Times have been easy … But now, as the tides rise again and calamity ascends from the deep, his skills are needed once more. Only one man and his unusual weapons stand between our world and the darkness.

Are you ready to take on the role of Jimmy Two-Button — the worlds best button sniper?

Gameplay is easy, just like in real world button sniping. Your mouse is represented by a blue button and the projectile by a red button at the bottom of the page. Just klick down the blue button over the red button and drag it down over the edge. The red button will be flipped in the opposite direction.

Use your buttons to deactivate the laser security system in various levels. Pay attention to the surroundings and use them to your advantage.


Gerry Wins (LD35)

Gerry Wins! is a game about the democratic process in the animal kingdom. Playable Web-Link

The player is tasked with designing new districts to ensure his supported candidate wins the general elections, see Gerrymendering.

You can play against the AI (Gerry) or locally against another human player (much more fun you should try it!). NOTICE: Gerry’s first turns are very slow for large grids (>=15). The web version crashes with grid size >=10.

+++++++ BASIC INSTRUCTIONS +++++++ The goal of the game is to hold a majority in more electoral districts than your opponent (shown on the right side of the screen) at the end of a game. The game ends when the whole board is colored. Right now their is no end-of-game trigger and no notice for winning/losing. But you can always check for yourself on the right side of the screen whether you control more districts than your opponent.

To play select one of the electoral districts (colors) on the left side and then one of the voters (yours or your opponents) on the grid to add to the district. A district counts as yours if you get the majority of votes in it.